Dog Tracks
Dog Tracks
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    We are a Professional, Bonded and Insured Pet Services Company.  A Small, Family Owned and Operated Business.

    Our Services

    Dog Walking

    • Mid day, Mon thru Fri, non holiday rates
    • 15 Minute Walk - $17
    • 20 Minute Walk - $20
    • 30 Minute Walk - $23
    • Individual Walks: $30
    • Yard Playtime (throwing ball, playing "can't catch me" or your dog's favorite game)
    • Fresh water and feeding as needed
    • Please request a specific quote for your dogs' needs. These rates are the average costs for listed services

    Doggie Playcare ($27 to $40 per day)

    • We pickup, socialize, exercise and return a happy, tired pup!  An alternative to doggie daycare, your pup will ride along with us and have many playdates, walks and sometimes swims if you are interested.  Great for high energy dogs or just a way to get your pup out daily or as a special treat!

    Yard Poop scoop. $17 weekly most yards, initial cleanup may be higher.  Biweekly and monthly options available.


    Cat Care

    • TLC for your cat!  At their level of comfort.  Fill us in on your cat's favorite interactions
    • Fresh food, water and litter box cleaning
    • Select the time needed for your cat's needs, $15 to $17 most visits for up to 2 cats

    Vacation Coverage

    Caged Critters? Multiple pets? Dogs that do not do well being away from home?  We can create a customized plan to be sure your pet is comfortable at home and cared for in a familiar environment.  We will visit multiple times per day and provide the services needed. We will send updates and pictures to let you know how your pet is doing.  The above walking rates are the base costs for a vacation visit, based on the amount of time you select per visit.  You can vary the times needed throughout the day to what you feel would best suit your pet.  For example, a fairly independent dog may only require 2 fifteen minute visits and perhaps a 30 minute visit before bed.  Other pets may benefit more from a longer visit in the morning. We do not have a cookie cutter plan, each pet is different.  As we get to know your pet, we can offer suggestions on what we feel may help your pet to feel the best while you are away.

    Overnight Care

    If you would like one of our petsitters to stay overnight in your home, we offer this service.  There are three of us providing this and the cost varies based on how many pets in your household and the type of care they require. For example, 1 dog that will use a fenced in yard for playtime/ potty will be the lowest cost of $85 per night.  Two or more dogs and leash walks will add to the cost.  A three dog household would cost $140 overnight. The typical overnight time frame committed to is 7pm to 7am. We offer reduced cost on any daytime walks needed during this time.   The overnight care will include feeding, refreshing water, attention to your pet in his or her favorite way, sleeping over to keep your pet household happy, morning potty time, breakfast, medication, etc. It is difficult to list everything so please setup a time with us to come by, meet  you and your pets and decide together how we will make your pets the happiest in your absense.  Pictures and updates will be sent to make sure you feel comfortable that you pets are being well cared for.


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    Dog Tracks

    2 Locations: Franklin, MA and Bedford, MA


    Monday - Friday: 6am - 11pm

    Saturday: By appointment

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